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Donald McClure in action!

Hi there. My Name is Donald. I have been a hair stylist for many years. Graduating at 17 from Barber-Stylist College, I entered as a professional in the Beauty industry. But my roots go farther than that.

I grew up in a Salon. Not literally of course but my mother was a stylist and frequently brought me to work AND put me to work.

So I have been around hair all my life. I have learned so many techniques over time that I have a full "arsenal" of abilities to make the image IN your head a reality ON your head.

I want to be YOUR stylist for life and to be proud of how you look, from a trim to a full revision of what you want your hair to look like. I am here to make it happen.

So join the many people who have experienced Hair By Donald!

Call or text: 602-810-8149 or email:

Donald McClure in action!